Plant pots

Plant pots are essential for your successful business, whether you operate a commercial glasshouse, nursery, or even cannabis. They lay the groundwork for your prosperity. They are the containers where hundreds of seedlings are nurtured and strengthened by moisture, nutrients, and sunshine in rich, dark soils.

Garden centres are able to thrive because producers are successful in cultivating the healthy perennials, evergreens, trees, and shrubs that they painstakingly work to bring to market. This is made possible by the dependable and frequently overlooked planters and pots.

Plant pots offer unmatched benefits from a commercial perspective and are excellent alternatives to planting straight into the ground.

They give the producer the opportunity to quickly transfer plants according to changing environmental factors, pests and diseases, and dietary, nutrient, and drainage requirements.

Subtle variations in manufacture and design, including drainage openings and side-wall construction, affect how plants survive and their ultimate yield in the retail market.

We produce a broad range of planters and pots for the cannabis, nursery, and glasshouse industries. We are able to produce a vessel that helps boost productivity while lowering overall costs because each container is tailored to the specific market’s developing needs and problems.

Gardener to grower, bettering the world.

To remain relevant in the market, industries must adapt to the sociological and environmental needs of today’s more diverse clients. The need for large plant pots and alternatives that are practical, fashionable, and considerate of our world has never been greater for makers of horticulture containers to offer growers. We are acting in this manner.

We make our planters, pots, and accessories utilising the most up-to-date technology. We use blow mould, thermoform, injection, co-ex, and pressure-formed production techniques.

We are the proud result of numerous venerable growing container brands. Through courageous leadership, inventive production, and a wide range of plant pots perfect for the glasshouse, nursery, retail, profitable, and cannabis producers, it continues to revolutionise the horticultural sector. We provide beautiful containers, baskets that hang, frameworks for plants with twining vines, round and square glasshouse planters, large plant pots as well as containers, flats, and sheets.

Our circular nursery planters come in sizes ranging from one-gallon pots to 65 gallons.

Using the most recent colour palettes and design trends, we help big-box stores and retailers provide appropriate plant containers for today’s more educated consumers.

Our environmentally friendly planters come in square and round designs, hanging baskets, paks, and strips. In a congested market, sustainable plant pots help to distinguish your items.

Finally, both start and completion sizes of our flower planters are offered. They are made to foster a strong root system that is essential for drainage, aeration, water absorption, and adequate nourishment.

we give growers more options for their planters and pots, ensuring that they’ll find the perfect growing solution to meet their specific requirements. We’re all working together to make our planet better, from consumers to gardeners to growers and more.