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How To Maintain A Motorcycle?

The following is for the biker community. Every biker loves his or her motorbike with the same passion a book lover takes care of his or her books without a single crease on the cover or a single page bent. Here are a few tips to think about when maintaining your motorcycle. Doing your own maintenance ensures a good job done with frequent general maintenance allowing to keep your motorcycle in great condition without unpleasant surprises springing up in the middle of a road trip.

Check Regularly
Motorcycles usually need a lot more maintenance than a car and as it has a dozen different parts, these need to be checked constantly to ensure they are functioning as they should. Tires, oil, battery, chain and sprocket and fuel are some of the items which should be on your priority list before a long distant drive. Try to check all the other different parts on a regular basis even though not as frequently as the items above.

All Tires
The most frequent cause for motorcycle breakdown is due to tire damage. Make sure to have it inflated to the correct amount at all times as an under-inflated tire tends to heat up and may even lead to a blowout. A heated tire also wears out faster. Keeping a low pressure tire gauge at all times will help reduce the risk of serious damage even if a problem should arise. These and other similar parts can be purchased through ktm aftermarket parts or through similar sites. Try to replace your tires before they wear out too much and definitely before it reaches 1-2 mm in tread depth.

Brake System
Moisture is absorbed by brake fluids over time which in turn makes them less effective. Replacing your old with new fluids every two years will ensure best performance. While brake fluids need to be frequently checked, so does your brake pads. Running them to the metal will result in expensive replacements, therefore make sure to check their thickness regularly.

Chains, Shaft Drives, Sprockets and Belts
Similar to the brake pads, these items are vital to the wellbeing of the bike and need to be frequently checked to prevent possible unnecessary costs in replacements. Applying lubrication on the chain right after a drive when it is warm will help absorb the oil in better, especially into the tighter parts of the chain. Belt drives and shaft drives do not need constant checking, however, replacing the shaft when you check your oil will help safeguard the shaft drive and keep it running for a longer time. Also, when considering the belt, try to keep it clean and maintain belt tension.

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